Saturday, 4 February 2017

35th Annual All American Car Show 22nd January, Sydney

35th Annual All American Car Show

 On Sunday the 22nd January 2017 I attended the 35th Annual All American Car Show with family. It was located on the blue roof top carpark level in the Castle Towers shopping centre. Coming from central Sydney its about 30-40 mins to get out there. The weather was extremely hot as it coincided with a heatwave going through NSW. The carpark was white concrete and reflection was un-believably intense. 

The car show was definitely worth attending, I had not heard of it before and think for January it was a good turnout despite being school holidays and a lot of people still on leave from work. 
It was free for people to attend for those not showing cars. And all profits went to Childrens hospital at Westmead.

The carpark is part of the Castle Towers Mall, which is extremely large and popular. Getting a carpark was a little tricky as its very busy in the weekends. The mall has all the usual Myers, Target and Kmart shops.

A few pictures and description of some of the cars is below. There was a heavy presence of Mustangs from the Mustang owners club. I would say 3/5 of the show was Mustangs, they are always popular at shows and with the recent 2016 models available in right hand drive, in both Australia and New Zealand even more so.

This was part of the ute section with a nice mix of mostly chevy's and fords.

This early Ford 100 ute was immaculate with white walls and period paint and it looked like widened standard rims as well.

On the other end of the scale this was an impressive engine bay of another F100, this was a 1956 panel van that was highly modified. It was a 427 Ford engine that was twin turbo'ed as well as being supercharged. Not being a mechanic, but you have to wonder if the supercharger provided anything horsepower wise. Perhaps it provided boost if the turbo's were laggy prior to them reaching positive boost. It was very impressive visually and had all the finest gear, stainless pipework and ancillaries, individual coil packs, external wastegate etc.   

This was the Chevy and corvette section, there was plenty of corvette stingray's, both earlier models and later models modified and un-modified.

This was a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand sport, a very rare car. They had one appear in the 5th movie of Fast and furious, "Fast Five".  

This was a 1958 Chevrolet corvette, that was immaculate and concourse quality.

More corvettes including another blue Grand sport

This was a Chevy Nova, again very tidy.

This Chevy bel air was great standard condition other than being quite low.

There was a few Camaro's there as well as ford cougar

Dodge Charger was mint in and out and looked very tough in black.

Ford Mustang fastback and notchback shaped.

I spotted this AC Cobra and assume its a replica, it was immaculate and had alot of period parts including goodyear tires, period correct mag wheels, side pipes, and nudge bars.

Mach 1 Ford Mustang

Ford Galaxie 500 it had period accessories including drive in movie speaker jack / post, rear louvres , spats , and drive through takeaway bracket for food tray. They had gone to a lot of effort to make it look the part.

1955-57 Buick Roadmaster Sedan

Gun metal grey 2016 Ford Mustang

Dodge Charger and Lincoln Continentals

2 door Lincoln continental

Ford Falcon sedan

Late 60's Ford Mustang notchback with a modern supercharged engine

Ford Mustang Fastback with GT 350 Stripes.
I dont know alot about all the specific models but judging by the badge on the fender it may have been a 289

These reproduction wheels looked the part

Period correct fastback racecar with slicks roll cage etc

2016 Ford Mustang in gun metal grey

Shelby Ford Mustang Convertable

Shelby engine bay with modified individual throttle bodies

Shelby badge off one of the mustangs

Modern 2008 Fastback in black

Another modern 2016 Mustang

Late 60's Fastback Mustang with chip Foose wheels and some tasteful modifications

1967 Ford Mustang GTA Convertible

2016 Ford Mustang with Roush treatment including supercharger, had a lot of trick components even the tool kit in the boot was cool

Extreme drag car 1965 notchback Mustang with a supercharged blown motor. 
Rear wheels were massive. With a large offset, and I am guessing big tubs.

1980 Ford Mustang 

Ford GT 2005-2006